Gun is ever fun

You don`t know what a shock it was for me when my friend came up to me with my brother and said that the two of them had already shot? That they could have shot themselves with a gun. Quite a shock! I watched for a while, wondering if this was some kind of joke, because I know about my friend that she`s afraid of a lot of guns right now. So, I thought I`d take a look at it, too. I told my friend how she ever found out that she could also try shooting herself with a gun. A friend put her head in her hands and told me not to be mad at her, saying this was also a surprise for me because my brother and his girlfriend, my friend, wanted to take me to the sports grounds for my birthday.

Try this shooting.

Where shots are fired and it`s shooting range in Prague. If you too have been somewhere in Prague and noticed some big building, don`t be surprised, because this building is just designed for all people who like guns and would also like to try shooting from a gun. And it doesn`t matter if it`s a short gun or a long gun. Everything can always be worked out, so I thought, actually, it wouldn`t be too bad. If I also tried to shoot a gun, it couldn`t possibly be that complicated.

Long big gun.

And you know how it all turned out in the end? Of course, when I had the gun in my hand, I thought maybe my hands would fall off. I already thought that any short gun weighed maybe 30 ounces. But it was almost more than half a kilogram. I was quite shocked, I didn`t really imagine a heavy gun like that, and I thought that all weapons were really light and that they were really easy to hold in one hand. I was really afraid to keep this gun in both hands at the same time, so I was quite surprised how, say, the police or soldiers could shoot like that and barely move. What about the snipers, for example, it can still be a really big inferno.

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