How to get to know ourselves

Very often we have our eyes shut if it comes to ourselves. We can be very good in judging other people, but we can not judge ourselves. We would be great advisors to others, but we can´t make the right choices or decisions ourselves. Why is that?

We are our own experts on our own situations. Therefore, some of the main psychological directions use a system of therapy, when therapist only opens up tricky topics and keep a track of the direction of conversation. But the client is the one to sort the issues out. Even if the therapist knows, the idea might be wrong, they let a client to learn from it. So how and why should we start getting to know ourselves?


First of all, it will help us realize, why we might keep moving in the same not working schemes all over again. Second, it will help us realize what do we want and expect from life. It will help us to accomplish our life role, achieve our life goals.

We should definitely start with knowing our body first. Because this is something you can start doing right away. The mind part won´t be that easy. Have you ever tried touching your own body, touching the intimate parts and see, what does it do to you? You should know, how to get your body aroused and eventually reach the point, when you can have orgasm. If you can´t find out yourself, we don´t blame you. It is fine. But you should definitely try erotic massage Prague Massage therapists will help you to understand your body better.


After you are doe with investigating your body, start with your mind. Meditate, spend time with yourself. Make a map of things and places you are attached to and you would like to be attached to. And take it from there. Start thinking, how to achieve your goals. Design a little strategy for yourself and be patient. Not everything can happen to us overnight. And usually the big things tend to happen slowly, but with long term effect.